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SOS0125 Dark & Intense - Scorpion takes Billy King

Male pornstar Billy King makes his Sisterhood of Sin debut, he already faced off against Blaze on our sister site - SGR Wrestling, and took her to the limit.

Now he faces off against Scorpion in a dark and intense oil wrestling match, how will he fare against the leader of the Sisterhood.

This is a primal battle of the sexes as there bodies are intertwined on the oily tarp, their bodies become one as they wrestle each having their moments in control, and obviously getting aroused by the intense body to body contact.

Their muscled forms glisten with the oil as bodies are scissored, hair is pulled and mouths smothered. You get the impression that Billy King is used to being the dominant, but this is not a porn girl he is battling, this is Scorpion a trained BJJ practitioner, experienced wrestler and powerful domme. As the battle rages on Scorpion begins to take control over an aroused and exhausted Billy King.

He falls before as she bites his neck, strokes his face, he can smell her breath as their faces are so close together, as Billy King tastes defeat.

Welcome to the Sisterhood, Billy King

Scorpion wears a black bra and panties.

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