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SOS0129 Revenge - Captured - Andrea Rosu vs Scorpion

What’s better than a specially produced custom clip featuring a hot redhead? What about a custom clip featuring two hot redheads?

We begin with the voluptuous Andrea Rosu bound to a chair and gagged with pantyhose as she struggles to free herself her bra struggles to contain her ample bosom.

Scorpion enters the apartment and frees her, then frantically searches the apartment before the dastardly Widow arrives, but what’s this Andrea removes her glasses and lets her hair fall down from her shoulders and hits Scorpion over the head. Andrea is the Widow!!

And as Sherlock would say “The game is afoot”, Scorpion comes round to find herself now bound, gagged and tied to a chair, but when the Widow Andrea leaves the room she escapes, and ambushes her.

The two ravishing redheads fight it out, each trying to best the other woman, but one falls victim to a choke and when she comes round is bound and tied this time on a bed. She uses her feminine charms to seduce her rival kissing passionately, but then whips out a chlorom soaked tissue and sends her to lala land.

Now extremely smug she answers a knock at the door but the mysterious third party forces her to the bed. Now both women are stripped to their underwear, their hands tied above their heads, duct tape across their mouths.

The mysterious third party leaves the room, leaving the two redheads tied up on the bed. They managed to remove the duct tape covering their mouths, and as they are doomed anyway they decide to give into their undeniable sexual attraction kissing each other and running their fingers along each others feminine curves.

Scorpion initially wears a black lycra catsuit, black leather gloves before being stripped down to purple Calvin Klein bra and panties.

Andrea Rosu initially wears a turquoise half cup bra and panties and black glasses before donning a black leather catsuit with black heeled boots before being stripped down to her bra and panties again.

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