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SOS0130 Smother & Suffer - Ava Austen gets punished by her girlfriend

Super hot Ava Austen has gone to her girlfriend’s house for a bit of fun, but she has made a cardinal error as whilst she is wearing very sexy underwear and stunning Wolford pantyhose, she has left on her wedding ring. Her girlfriend (Scorpion) is non-best pleased about the reminder of her husband, it looks like Ava needs to be punished!

At first, the dominant Scorpion kisses, caresses and grinds against Ava, whose body arches as it aches for her touch, but Ava has committed a transgression and must be punished, and punished she is.

Scorpion repeatedly clamps her hand over Ava’s mouth cutting of her air supply before going back to seducing her and tantalising her with the touch of her fingers, lips and tongue.

Ava is putty in her hands, and Scorpion knows it. The smother become longer and more intense until finally Ava succumbs once and for all, well and truly chastised for her indiscretion.

Ava Austen wears peach and pink half cup lace lingerie with Wolford Satin Touch 20 Nude Pantyhose

Scorpion wears turquoise bra and panties with Charnos 15 Nude Pantyhose

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