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SOS0138 Teachers' Conflict - Goddess Anastaxia & Kali - Wild Women

Two of our most dominant and attractive women, Anastaxia and Kali star in this custom video as two teachers on a trip with the school’s students staying at a hotel.

Previously during dinner the two teachers have an argument that they would rather not have in front of their students, they decide to settle things privately in Kali’s hotel room.

It begins with Kali laying on her bed preparing for what is about to happen. Anastaxia enters closing the door behind her, so that their students cannot inadvertently disturb them.

Climbing onto the bed, the stunning blonde lays next to her raven haired rival, they almost stay still for a minute or so, while staring each other in the eyes. They slowly them bring their faces together and push their foreheads and noses.

They then slowly go down to their bellies and while face to face slowly try touching each other’s hands and forearms like trying to feel each other. They eventually try some gentle arm wrestling with the right hand while locking fingers with the left for leverage.

They both breathe a little heavier and occasionally grimace. They suddenly break their grip and while resting their elbows on the bed clasp hands and lock fingers. They stay in this position straining gently for another minute or two.

They then slowly nod at each other and release their grip to gently get a hold of each other’s hair.

They slowly go up to their knees and as in agreement nod at each other and start their usual tests of strength, alternating with tight grips, moaning occasionally and breathing harder.

They are fighting passionately, as they try to dominate each other, but without hating or wanting to hurt each other.

One woman stays on her four and the other comes from behind to apply a grip as in a formal wrestling match.

They touch their feet as well and start engaging them now.

They then embrace each other again and go down (on the bed), embracing, with legs intertwined and feet rubbing and pushing against each other’s.

They lock their thighs now and start rubbing/pushing their feet harder now, occasionally slapping their soles against their opponents and then pushing as if in a test of strength. They also try kicking each other foot with her own (toes pointing down) and again pushing against each other’s.

They never lose eye to eye contact and face to face (either forehead or chick against chick.

As the fight goes on they start to sweat

Their mouths come really close to each other’s …

They kiss almost like fighting with their mouths.

They keep pushing their hips against each other’s and “finish” their fight…

This is a hot test of strength battle between two of our most dominant and sexy stars, neither is accustomed to losing, regardless of the outcome the only winner is the viewer as these two women battle in this highly charged erotic encounter.

Anastaxia wears grey bra and panties

Kali wears black bra and panties

For more erotic overtones see:

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