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SOS0139 Smother & Suffer - Scorpion takes Terra Mizu

One almost feels pity for sexy American Terra Mizu. Scorpion has picked her up at a bar on a recent trip to the USA and has taken her hook-up back to her room. Terra wants to take it slow as its their first meeting, but Scorpion has other intentions.

She ambushes her and overpowers her with ease forcibly smothering her victim, preventing her from gaining a breath. There is nothing Terra can do as the stronger British redhead takes her with ease.

Repeated handsmothers and chokes force her eyes to roll back in her head as Scorpion completely dominates and overcomes her.

Terra will be more careful who she lets chat her up in future.

Scorpion wears grey bra and panties

Terra Mizu wears see-through blue bra and panties

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