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SOS0140 Husband gets Ballbusted and Scissored

The delectable Davina Carrington is lounging on her bed checking up on her son, and sees that he has created a new online questionnaire all about ball busting.

She takes her time answering, enabling you - the voyeur - to hear all her answers as she describes in detail her experiences, likes and fantasies regarding ballbusting, as the camera pans across her fit, toned body, and stocking clad feet.

Answering the questions and reminiscing about the fun she has had ballbusting her husband begins to arouse her as she caresses her body. Just as she finishes her husband, Billy returns home and finds her sharing details on their intimate personal lives on the internet and is not best pleased.

However, she is not best pleased at him telling her what to do and receives his punishment as she knees him in the balls, and then proceeds to punish him, doing exactly what she described in the questionnaire. Poor Billy’s balls get a royal roughing up as they are kneed, kicked and clawed, he is also scissored and breast smothered. Billy may like to think he is the the “Alpha Male”, but in the Carrington household, it is Davina who is in control, and when Billy forgets it his balls are going to get busted.

Davina Carrington wears black bra, black panties with suspenders and 15 denier black stockings

Billy King wears a white shirt, grey trousers and tie.

For the first questionnaire:

For more videos featuring men getting abused see:

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