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SOS0396 Smother and Suffer - Lottie LaLay vs Cocoa Kink

Sisterhood of Sin sweetheart, Lottie LaLay certainly feels like she has earned her stripes and the influx of new women to the SOS ranks means she has to cement her status.  Lottie is determined that she is not going to be a stepping stone for these upstarts.  Today she has been challenged by rookie Cocoa Kink to a Smother and Suffer encounter and Lottie wants to show Cocoa her place in the pecking order.

They lock up on the mats, and it isn’t long before Lottie places a hand over Cocoa’s mouth, restricting her breathing and setting the tone for this hotly contested encounter.  Cocoa returns the favour and it’s Lottie who pulls away falling back on the mats.  Lottie wraps her legs around Cocoa in a bodyscissors but that doesn’t stop the new girl from smothering Lottie with her hand again.

Lottie is the more experienced wrestler and tries to use her hard earnt skills to control the fiesty Cocoa.  They both get smothers in but despite Lottie’s best efforts Cocoa keeps coming.  Switching tactics Lottie runs her hands over Cocoa’s sexy body and kisses her, and whilst Cocoa enjoys it she keeps coming and uses the same tactics on Lottie.

Their breathing restricted and now both aroused they continue to fight neither wanting to lose to the other.

Finally one proud woman can take no more and is finished off with a two handed smother as the winner takes her back flexing in victory with one arm whilst smothering her defeated opponent with the other.

But will it be Lottie putting new girl Cocoa in her place or will Cocoa claim a vastly more experienced scalp?

Cocoa Kink wears a yellow bra and thong with shiny pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears a blue bra and thong with shiny pantyhose

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