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SOS0142 Wild Women - Bella Ink & Scorpion - College Roommates

Two college roommates - Bella Ink and Scorpion - are sharing a bed. As they slumber their feet touch and initially it’s slow and a little bit sensual, but soon they both become annoyed as they are tired. Their feet start to push against each other, and then kick out at each other, this is not going to end well.

One hand locks with another as they push against each other and strain before they turn to face each other and become a tangle of hands, legs and feet before bear hugging each other as they test each other's strength and willpower.

They rise to their knees, their groans and cries rising in volume as their combat continues. Hands grab handful of hair as they see whose scalp is the strongest, they fall to the bed as they bearhug and scissor each other. There bodies start to grind rhymically as there groans are a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Which of these college roommates will reign supreme or will they have to meet again to see once and for all who is the better woman.

Bella Ink wears white bra and thong panties

Scorpion wears purple bra and thong panties

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