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SOS0143 Dark & Intense - Anastaxia takes Blaze

This has to be one of the hottest videos we have ever produced as busty, tanned Blonde Anastaxia enters the Dark & Intense room to prey upon lithe dancer Blaze with her alabaster skin and killer calves.

The two women are constantly in close body to body oily contact as every part of their bodies are entangled and pressed together, even their feet and locked in combat.

Bearhugs, scissorholds and smothers are used as cries of pleasure and pain echo around the closed in dark studio. Anastaxia doesn’t have it all her own way as Blaze fights back and takes control surprising the blonde, but aside from her strength Anastaxia uses her natural beauty and powers of seduction to weaken the will of Blaze who is helpless to resist as their pelvises grind rhythmically together.

The power of Anastaxia’s trib disrupts Blaze’s focus, and the raven haired beauty is powerless to resist as the blonde takes her choking, kissing and smothering her to defeat.

Anastaxia wears grey bra and panties

Blaze wears black bra and panties.

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