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SOS0146 Kali takes Scorpion - Yoga turns nasty

Men and women alike quiver at her touch and wish to worship at the font of her primal sexual allure, this is the power of Kali, the apex predator of the Sisterhood of Sin.

It all begins innocently enough, Scorpion has invited Kali over to teach her some yoga, and after a sweaty yoga workout the two women hug. The hug initiates kissing which initiates something more as they caress and grind.

But this is Kali, and the predator instinct kicks as Scorpion realises too late, as Kali wraps her legs like a python’s coils around her body and takes control.

You can see the panic and realisation written in Scorpion’s eyes as she realises that she is about to be preyed and feasted upon by Kali.

She tries to battle back but it is in vain, as Kali’s legs squeeze the air from her longs, Kali’s hands choke and smother controlling her breathing, and Kali’s lips and mouth suck her willpower with forced kissing.

Like all before her, Scorpion is prey for THE alpha of the Sisterhood of Sin, Kali.

Scorpion wears a purple bra and panties

Kali wears a black bra and panties

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