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SOS0151 Wild Women - BJJ fighters - Lia Labowe and Scorpion fight after training

Scorpion and Lia Labowe have retired to their rooms following an intense BJJ training session. Lia isn’t happy as she thinks Scorpion went too hard and she’s going to have some bruising.

Scorpion wants to get showered and go for some food, but as they are already sweaty from training Lia has other ideas, and jumps Scorpion.

The redhead rises to the challenge and the two engage in a battle on the bed. They test each others powers as they are tangled with bearhugs, chokes, thighscissors and scissorholds.

The two are evenly matched as they struggle, closely entangled. They grunt and groan with the exertion already tired from training.

Both women are in great shape and it’s clear to see as they use all of their muscles and strength intertwined in combat.

Scorpion wears purple calvin klein bra and thong

Lia Labowe wears black bra and panties

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