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SOS0172 Wild Women - Goddess Anastaxia vs Inferno - Angry Mothers

Goddess Anastaxia’s son attends a posh private school, but he’s having a rough time as Inferno’s daughter has broken his heart, as a result his grades have started to suffer as the buxom blonde is none-too pleased about it.

She’s invited Inferno to her house to discuss things, unfortunately Inferno’s daughter has a different story, and the two posh mother’s fail to reach an agreement. The war of words with each asking the other to apologise turns into a more physical confrontation when Anastasia decides she has had enough and attacks her redheaded rival.

They tumble to the floor as blouses and skirts are removed, they pin each other down wrap pantyhose clad legs around each other in powerful scissorholds, pull each other’s hair, choke and smother each other.

As they battle around Anastasia’s lounge they both get aroused from the friction caused by the tight body contact and their pantyhose, they get distracted by the warm feeling in their crotches before remembering that their progenies pride is at stake before attacking each other again.

Eventually one posh mother overwhelms the other pinning her down and grinding on top, but will it be the tanned busty blonde who is nearly falling out of her top or the porcelain toned redhead?

Goddess Anastaxia wears pink spectacles, white blouse, jaguar print short skirt, black high heels and Couture black ultra gloss 10 Denier reinforced body and toe, before being stripped down to black bra and panties (pantyhose remain on throughout)

Inferno wears black spectacles, white blouse, black short skirt, black heels and Couture nude ultra gloss 10 Denier reinforced body and toe before being stripped down to purple bra and panties (pantyhose remain on throughout)

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