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SOS0175 Wild Women - At the Gym - Sativa vs Ivy Satinee

Italian powerhouse, Ivy Satinee makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut as she steps into the SOS gym to take on our very own, Black Venus, Sativa.

Sativa has the height advantage but Ivy Satinee is solidly built as the two engage in a series of tests of strength including fingerlocks, rib crushing bearhugs lifting each other off of their feet with their arms wrapped tightly around their rival and standing armwrestles.

The two women are evenly matched and take it to the mats as powerful, muscled thighs wrap around their opponents as each wrestler grunts with exertion as she attempts to crush her rival.

They are locked body to body, thigh to thigh, feet to feet and crotch to crotch, They slap arses and the friction from their figure hugging lycra swimsuits begins to excite them as they grind and struggle.

The combat takes an erotic twist as they grind rhytmically and their moans of pain turn to those of pleasure, these two Wild Women kiss passtionately as they each try to prove whose is the stronger and better woman.

Ivy Satinee wears a figure hugging red lycra swimsuit

Sativa wears a white lycra swimsuit and black thong

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