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SOS0180 Wild Women - Pantyhose Grapevine Battle - Tomiko vs Davina Carrington

Raven haired Japanese woman Tomiko faces off against redhead Davina Carrington in this extremely sexy Wild Women encounter where the focus is on how far they can spread each other’s pantyhose clad legs in grapevines.

Hair is pulled as they jockey for position, pinning the other down to floor and entangling their legs trying to grapevine the others legs and spread her rival beyond breaking point.

Their most intimate areas and modesty is saved by the pantyhose each woman wears as punishment is inflicted to their crotches as they are splayed out.

As this erotic encounter continues the friction from the nylon tights stimulates the women as they grind against each other.

Both women’s breathing becomes harder as they are forced against their will to climax with added humiliation of their strong legs grapevined wide for the whole world to see.

But who will be victorious the raven haired Tomiko or the posh British totty Davina Carrington?

Tomiko wears black and red bra and panties with tan shiny sheer-to-waist pantyhose

Davina Carrington wears green satin bra and panties with black shiny sheer-to-waist pantyhose

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