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SOS0199 Smother and Suffer - Kali takes Fever

A new challenger has entered the Sisterhood of Sin to try and take Kali’s crown. The alluring Fever is confident that she can seduce Queen Kali and become the apex predator. Kali’s dominance has been unrivalled as she has devoured all those who dare to face her.

These two dominant women glisten in the light as the oil which they have covered themselves in accentuates their lithe forms. They size each other up and already Fever appears aroused as a cool, calm and confident Kali stares at her would be challenger.

Kali pounces taking Fever down to the mats, but Fever reverses as they are entangled, body to body and takes Kali’s back. A surprised Kali manages to escape, and realises that this new girl may not be the easy prey which she is used to.

This a sensual battle between two women determined to seduce and dominate the other. They wrap long legs around each other, forcibly kiss each other, and smother each other.

Eventually Kali traps Fever in a camel clutch and places her hand over her mouth smothering her, this is too much for the debutante and like many other brave challengers before her falls before the pure sensual animal which is Kali, the Apex Predator of the Sisterhood of Sin.

Kali wears a black bra and thong

Fever wears a black bra and thong

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