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SOS0403 Unleashed - Sabrina Jade vs Ivy Satinee

Experienced Sisterhood of Sin powerhouse, Ivy Satinee is challenged by SOS new contender, the lithe dancer, Sabrina Jade to an Unleashed encounter in oil.

Clad in figure hugging Lycra swimsuits these two beauties are known for their enthusiastic performances against every opponent.  They waste little time before launching at each other, Ivy trying to use her superior strength and wrestling experience to control the flexible younger Sabrina.

They punish each other with scissorholds, smothers and bearhugs but it is difficult to control their opponent in the slippery oil.  Everytime Ivy manages to trap Sabrina the dancer is able to slide out of trouble using a combination of her flexibility and oil.

They begin to slam their crotches together, tribbing and trying to defeat their opponent sexually, but with every thrust made by Ivy, Sabrina matches it with passion and vitality.

Ivy resorts back to smothering, but Sabrina keeps on the attack, and Ivy is struggling as Sabrina keeps up the tempo.

Will Sabrina be able to overcome the more experienced Italian or will Sabrina succumb like so many before her?

Ivy Satinee wears a white and purple lycra swimsuit

Sabrina Jade wears a black and white lycra swimsuit

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