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SOS0204 Wild Women - College Room Mates - Whitney Morgan and Davina Carrington

Two college roommates, blonde Whitney Morgan and redhead Davina Carrington have crashed out on the bed. As they sleep their bare soles rub against each other as they lay dozing ass cheeks touching.

The constant rubbing together of their feet whilst pleasurable at first begins to disturb their slumber and they begin pushing and kicking each other with their soles and toes. They toss and turn and bump into each other with their pert asses.

They both roll over onto their backs and they continue to dozily compete for the most comfortable section of the bed with their feet.

They turn into each other, their legs, feet and arms entangled and continue to jostle to be the most comfortable. They are now more awake and tell the other to stop moving.

Davina finally has enough and wraps her strong arms around the blonde in an attempt to control her, the constant foot to foot contact, the feeling of Whitney’s hot breath and close body to body friction has caused both women to become aroused.

They begin to trib and forcibly kiss the other as they are now fully aroused. These two are visibly attracted to each other, and the gyrating, kissing and foot touching quickens pace until one and then the other reach climax.

Whitney Morgan wears pale green bra and panties with emerald pedicure

Davina Carrington wears blue bra and panties with black pedicure

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