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SOS0208 Vampire Bites and Smothers - Kali takes Abigail and Ms F.Rank

Svelte Abigail is stretching out in her ballet flats and leotard when she is joined mid-practice by the seductive, Kali. Abigail cannot help but be mesmerised by this interloping seductress who pounces on her.

They struggle on the mats wrapped together writhing, kissing and Kali delivers soft sexy bites to the neck. Abigail is completely entranced by Kali who whisks her away to her boudoir.

Kali enters wrapped in a long cloak and approaches Abigail who lies on the bed in anticipation of being taken by this alpha femme.

But little does Abigail know that her new female companion is a vampire who wraps her in her cloak and bites her neck, in a prolonged draining attack. All Abigail can do is kick her legs and struggle fruitlessly in the face of the assault.

Kali doesn’t want to feed off her new plaything and instead returns to find a victim so that they may play and feed together.

The unwitting Ms F.Rank is stretching out on the mats as Kali stalks before pouncing on the petite blonde and subjecting her to a swarming attack wrapping those python like legs around her and choking her out before carrying her back to the lair, which she now shares with a converted Abigail.

Once there they place Ms F.Rank between them and take turns to feed on the overpowered and doomed blonde. Once finished they kiss, but Kali has become bored of her new companion and smothers Abigail into oblivion.

Kali reigns supreme above her two victims as they lay obliterated on the bed.

Abigail wears a black leotard, shiny pantyhose and black ballet flats (ballet flats are removed)

Kali wears a black leotard, black pantyhose and black ballet flats (ballet flats are removed)

Ms F.Rank wears white bra and panties

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