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SOS0218 Hand smothered by an Intruder - Adreena Angela, Sativa, Laken Fire and Davina Carrington

Little does she know that the dastardly Adreena Angela is waiting to ambush her, she is grabbed hand-smothered and tied up (ankles, knees and hands bound with rope). After a little while Davina and Laken wonder where Sativa has got to with the drinks and Laken goes to see where she is. Poor Laken suffers the same fate and is ambushed by Adreena and suffers the same fate as Sativa.

Davina, bored in the bedroom on her own, ventures downstairs and is hand over mouth captured by the ravishing redheaded Adreena.

Now that she has all three of them in her clutches she can have her wicked way with them now that she has three bound. She takes turns hand smothering them, sometimes placing her hand over two at once.

She ties an over the mouth white cloth gag on all three then sits in between the three of them gloating at her achievement and is pleased with her three new playthings.

This is Adreena Angela’s Sisterhood of Sin debut - let’s hope she comes back soon

Sativa wears a white dress and tiger print heels

Laken wears a white blouse, black skirt and black heels

Davina Carrington wears a black sleeveless blouse with black heels

Adreena Angela wears a black shiny latex dress

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