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SOS0220 Wild Women - Gym Rivals - Sativa and Jet Star

Two women both want to be the alpha at the gym. Amazonian Jet Star (making her debut at The Sisterhood) and the Black Venus, Sativa.

Both beautiful women agree to meet at the gym once everyone else has gone home to settle their differences and to decide who is the real Alpha Woman at their gym,

They meet both dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings. Hoping to distract their opponent. They admire each other’s well toned figures, before locking up in a test of strength. They jockey for advantage, then show their amazing biceps in a standing arm wrestle.

They clasp their arms around each other in a standing bearhug which has them groaning in pain as their rival squeezes.

They take things down to the mat and are a tangle of legs and arms, as they are intertwined like two coiled snakes. The bear hugging continues and they wrap their legs in tight scissorholds.

The close body to body contact excites both of these proud women, and they grind against each other, their animosity tempered by the mutual physical attraction.

Which woman will come out as the Alpha the Black Venus, Sativa or the statuesque Northern Goddess Jet Star or maybe there is no winner this time and the two will have to battle again…..

We have included plenty of leg and foot shots for the leg and foot connoisseurs

Jet Star wears leopard print bra and panties with sheer black hold up stockings

Sativa wears blood red bra and panties with black hold up stockings

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