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SOS0222 Wild Women - The Club - Mistress Kara vs Davina Carrington

Two strong and dominant Wild Women meet in a hotel room to settle their differences. One is British redhead, the sultry Davina Carrington, the other is the American, the legendary Mistress Kara.

We begin with Mistress Kara sitting on the bed flexing her muscles, there is a knock at the door and Davina enters. The two compare biceps and instantly there is an electric attraction between the two. They compare their thick thighs and are both literally salivating at the chance to lock up with their transatlantic rival.

They begin with a standing arm wrestle, before exchanging rib crushing reverse bearhugs and it is plain to see that the two women are evenly matched.

More bearhugs are exchanged before they move to the bed and enter a mutual headscissors contest with each drawing cries of pain and anguish from their rival.

More strength tests follow on the bed, before the two can resist their undeniable attraction no longer, and interlocked begin to trib and struggle on the bed. Their passion grows stronger and stronger until they both reach orgasm.

But who wins this intercontinental Wild Women contest? The redheaded Brit, or the alpha American, Mistress Kara?

Davina Carrington wears blue bra and thong

Mistress Kara wears a red bra and black thong

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