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SOS0224 Wild Women - Thieves in Leather - Axa Jay vs Davina Carrington

Two rival thieves - blonde Axa Jay and redhead Davina Carrington - have both picked the same property to break into.

Neither one of them is pleased to see the other and the level of mistrust is high, there is after all no honour amongst thieves. They agree to work with each other just this one time, but first each must pat down the other to make sure they have nothing concealed about their person.

However they both take the opportunity while they pat down their rival to have a good feel of the other’s breasts, bum and crotch, their curves accentuated by the tight leather that each woman is wearing.

Their tenuous truce is short lived as Axa throws Davina to the bed, and the two women are interlocked in their tight leather gear. They are a mass of tangled limbs as they struggle against each other, pulling hair, grabbing breasts and grapevining their legs.

Interspersed with this frenetic tangle are deep kisses and it is inevitable that the close body to body contact and leather makes for a pleasurable friction in their crotches as they struggle.

The competitive element turns more erotic as they grind and trib, their groans of pleasure getting louder. They are in the throes of passion and all thoughts of criminal activity are forgotten as they both reach a hard climax.

Both women wear tight black leather trousers,black leather jackets and high heeled black leather ankle boots

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