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SOS0230 Wild Women Unleashed - Axa Jay vs Ava Simone

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In the Unleashed series there is no script or direction, we allow the women’s natural instincts to flow freely and what a sizzling hot match this is! A Sisterhood classic with two smoking hot blondes drenched in oil.

Ava Simone is a sexual gladiator and whenever she attends the Sisterhood of Sin we know that her encounters are guaranteed to be intense. Today we have paired her up with the always naughty, Axa Jay.

Something tells us that Axa may have her hands full today as she has to contend with not only the chiseled physique but also the raw animal magnetism of Ava.

Not that they need it, but we added oil to the mix just to make things even hotter, what transpired was one of the most highly charged erotic enounters we have ever produced.

These blonde beauties deep kiss, choke, grind, smother, scissor and trib each other as they explore each other’s bodies and sensuality.

There is no domination here, but an even encounter and two uninhibited proud women battling to come out on top.

The oil glistens off their skin and makes their outfits almost translucent, as they writhe around in the throes of passion.

Their bodies are tangled together, and it is difficult to see where one tanned blonde ends and another begins. They are both completely absorbed in one another as they are intertwined.

Eventually one woman can no longer stave off the waves of pleasure flowing through her, and comes beneath her rivals tribbing

Ava Simone wears a white CK bra and thong

Axa Jay wears a red CK bra and thong

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