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SOS0231 Wild Women - Rage ShieldMaiden vs Sativa

Rage Shieldmaiden and Sativa are two dominant and powerful women. Both are incredibly strong and skilled, and yet have an alluring sensual side which is a deadly combination which has seen them destroy men and women alike.

When the opportunity arose to have them step onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats opposite each other we leapt at the chance, we knew we were going to sit back and watch an intense encounter between these two fantastic talents.

From the opening arm wrestling exchange it is blindingly obvious how evenly matched in power these two are, and this is only cemented when they stand and engage in a bear hugging duel.

Both Rage and Sativa use all their skill and in fact their entire body to subdue the other as they spend the majority of this encounter locked in combat using their arms, legs, heads and feet to try and overpower the other.

The close body to body contact excites them both and it becomes difficult to differentiate between groans of pain, effort or pleasure as they grapple, slide, and squeeze each other’s powerful yet feminine forms.

One thing is obvious: both want to come out of this Wild Women encounter as the dominant force but will it be the Black Venus, Sativa or the will Rage Shieldmaiden live up to her namesake.

Sativa wears a leopard print strappy back thong swimsuit

Rage Shieldmaiden wears a tiger print bikini

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