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SOS0236 Ballet gone wrong - Davina Carrington takes Abigail

Poor flexible Abigail may have made a bad choice in signing up to the wrong ballet school, especially when the teacher is the predatory and devious Davina Carrington.

As the svelte Abigail demonstrates her flexibility, her lycra leotard accentuating her toned body, the redheaded Davina watches in the background. It always seems harmless enough until she asks to massage her student’s back.

Once in the correct position she begins her seduction of Abigail. Wrapping a leg around her, holding her neck and kissing her neck. Davina’s hands explore Abigail’s body and the neck kissing reap moans of pleasure as the student’s body aches for more.

And more is what she receives when she is taken to Davina’s bedroom. Abigail finds herself firmly in Davina’s clutches. The kisses continue, and the friction of their pantyhose causes electric tingling.

Davina wraps her pantyhose legs around Abigail, and the kissing is replaced by hand smothering as Davina becomes more aggressive.

Abigail tries to struggle and escape, but Davina is stronger and has weakened her student’s will. Just as Abigail appears to succumb Davina releases her hand before returning it delighted by the struggles for her pupil.

Eventually Abigail is out and Davina has another victim.

Abigail wears a lycra black leotard, shiny pantyhose and black ballet flats.

Davina wears a lycra black leotard, black pantyhose and black ballet flats

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