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SOS0239 Wild Women - Unfinished Business - Ivy Rain and Davina Carrington

Beautiful brunette Ivy Rain makes her SOS debut in this custom Wild Women encounter with redhead Davina Carrington.

Davina is in her office working, when the new secretary delivers some reports to her desk. She piques Davina’s interest who can’t escape a nagging feeling that she has seen her somewhere before.

When Ivy returns she asks her outright, and in fact they do know each other. They had met before at a secret exclusive club, and they had been interrupted so these two have Unfinished Business.

They grab each other, ram their crotches together and kiss. Both reach down and forcefully grab the other's crotch. But they are at work, and they don’t want to be interrupted again, they agree to meet at an address later that day.

Davina is sitting on the sofa, and the busty brunette walks in and kicks off her heels and sits on the sofa. This time they won’t be interrupted.

They grab each other's hairs, open up blouses to reveal impressive busts and grab each other’s large breasts. They kiss passionately before dropping down to the sofa. Strong legs are wrapped around waists, and this is before the real battle begins.

These two engage in a sensual tribbing war as they grind against each other, kissing and pulling hair. It becomes obvious that these two women are genuinely enjoying each other’s bodies. The panting and moans become louder until one cannot hold back the flood gates any longer.

But it is the brunette Ivy Rain in her SOS debut or is it the experienced redhead Davina?

Davina Carrington initially wears a black and white striped blouse, with black leather short skirt before stripping down to a white bra and panties

Ivy Rain initially wears a turquoise satin blouse, and black short skirt with heels before stripping down to a green bra and thong.

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