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SOS0249 Wild Women - Cop vs Robber - Rage ShieldMaiden vs Laken Fire

International criminal Rage breaks into a swanky apartment, but little does she know that tough Cop, the busty Laken is hot on her trail.

The brunette catches the nubile robber in the act and the two engage in an age old Mexican standoff, realising that neither of them have the advantage the wily cop, Laken suggests that they settle this hand to hand and woman to woman. Rage doesn’t believe her at first but eventually reluctantly agrees.

Both women clad in figure hugging lycra catsuits which shows their fine femine forms lock hands each seeking to subdue the other, until Laken catches Rage in a tight bearhug, causing the Balkan beauty to let out an agonised groan of pain and surprise.

The test of strength continues until Rage takes Laken’s back and drags her down to the sofa wrapping her powerful legs around her, and now it’s the beautiful officer of the law who is in trouble.

These two diametrically opposed women trade tight thigh scissors before rolling to the carpet and the struggle continues. Their thighs take more punishment as they each struggle frantically.

Eventually one woman is subdued and is handcuffed, lifted to her feet and dragged away, but it is Rage heading to the cells or Laken a victim of her own tools of the trade.

Rage Shieldmaiden wears a full length black lycra catsuit, long black shiny PVC gloves and black knee-high leather boots.

Laken wears a Cop uniform full length catsuit, black leather belt, black leather gloves and black leather ankle boots.

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