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SOS0253 Smother and Suffer - Ava Simone takes Luna Toxxxic

Blonde American hardbody, Ava Simone is officially the SOS Queen after dethroning Kali in SOS0244. Ava has now learnt that becoming royalty reaps rewards as we feed her little blonde, Luna Toxxxic to be her plaything.

The action takes place in the Sisterhood boudoir, as we open on Luna already in Ava’s clutches, those rock hard thighs wrapped tightly around Luna’s tiny waist and powerful arms around her neck.

Ava teases her brushing her lips softly around Luna’s face before deep kissing ensues. Soft moans leave Luna as if she is aroused by being in the clutches of this alpha female.

The moans emanating from Luna become more panicked as she feels the legs tightening around her midsection and the kisses and the tongue probing her mouth is prolonged and she is struggling for breath.

The true paralysing fear comes when Ava places a hand over her mouth and the smothering becomes more apparent. The combination of scissorhold and hand smother causes Luna to try to resist, but in the face of such overwhelming muscle and sensuality there is little she can do as she begins to succumb fully to the power of Ava Simone.

Mercifully it is nearly over and sealed by one final almost tender kiss, as Ava is sated by her complete dominance over Luna.

Ava Simone wears a shiny black micro bikini

Luna Toxxxic wears a shiny red micro bikini

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