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SOS0255 Smother and Suffer - DragonLily takes Davina Carrington - the first time they met

We travel back in time to the first time Davina Carrington met her kryptonite Dragonlily. Both women meet on the mats clad in pantyhose and lock in in this sizzling Smother and Suffer encounter.

The Asian Ultimate Surrender alumni is no stranger to seductively controlling and dominating women and takes the at the time rookie Davina by surprise with her combination of power and allure.

Although Davina has Dragonlily in trouble on more than occasion once they strip the pantyhose off Davina’s advantage is short lived as Dragonlily slowly but surely breaks down her will to win.

Davina’s breathing quickens with arousal and Dragonlily bides her time until she can wrap those powerful legs around Davina and places her hand over her mouth. It’s all the Asian sensation in the last third of the match as she chokes and smothers an aroused Davina before inflicting a snake bite on her helpless neck.

Davina is completely at her mercy, a defeated and aroused plaything on the mats for Dragonlily’s enjoyment. This is the one that started it all as Dragonlily inflicts not just a physical but also a psychological defeat on the normally dominant Davina.

Davina Carrington wears a leopard print bikini and black pantyhose which are removed part way through the match

Dragonlily wears a red bikini and tan pantyhose which are removed part way through the match.

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