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SOS0256 Wild Women - Reunion - Blaze and Davina Carrington

Two old friends (Davina Carrington and Blaze) meet by chance at a school reunion.The years have passed by, but meeting up at the they decide to relive their youth by having another friendly wrestling match. They meet in the lounge of an apartment one of them is renting for the reunion weekend, both wearing bikinis and surprised at how in shape each other are after 20 years. They agree to really go for it just like in the old days and lock fingers, pressing their bodies together in a prolonged test of strength, both already breathing deeply.

With no clear winner they then engage in another test of strength in a standing arm wrestle, both women's muscles strain as they both surprise each other that the years have not diminished each other’s strength if anything they have got even stronger.

This becomes even more evident when they engage in a bear hugging contest, their bodies pressed against each other, both ladies breathing heavily.

They take it down to the mats, enabling their bodies to be even more closely entwined with thigh scissors, bearhugs, a tangle of limbs as each woman is unable to get an advantage.

The breathing becomes heavier and heavier as each woman remembers past encounters, and enjoys the new one. Enjoying every single second of the tight body contact.

Davina Carrington wears a blue shiny micro bikini

Blaze wears a black shiny micro bikini

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