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SOS0262 Smother and Suffer - DragonLily takes Davina Carrington

Over the course of the last few months we have shared with you encounters from our vault as Davina Carrington has tried unsuccessfully to topple super hot ex-Ultimate Surrender sensation Dragonlily in various smother matches.

This is their fourth encounter, and will Davina finally be able to overcome Dragonlily or will this match end the same way as all the others, with the proud Brit scissored, smothered and humbled.

Before the match both ladies are confident and tell each other what they are going to do as they stretch out, the camera pans over every inch of their toned and buxom bodies.

Both ladies struggle on the mat their taut supple bodies wrapped together in a dance of smothering submission. Their legs are entwined, bodies constantly close together as they attempt to smother the other into submission. They both breathe heavily is it due to the physical exertion or is it because they are attracted to each other?

At first the contest is even as they pin each other down, but gradually just as in their previous encounters, Dragonlily begins to exert her dominance, confidently first removing her pantyhose top, and then after punishing Davina some more her pantyhose.

Davina is putty in the Dragon’s hands as she smothers, scissors and neck bites her at will. There is something intensely erotic seeing the proud Davina succumb.

In the end the proud warrior is left defeated following a prolonged neck bite and hand over mouth smother by the Asian goddess?

Davina Carrington wears navy blue with white trim/straps lace detail lingerie

Dragonlily wears peach lingerie with white pattern. At the start of the match she is wearing full body pantyhose which is removed during the course of the match.

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