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SOS0263 Dark and Intense - Ava Simone, Kali, Davina Carrington - The Director's Cut

This is the extended director’s cut of SOS0244, featuring unseen footage with hard lesbian domination and collaring. If you’re a fan of seeing a normally strong and dominant woman turn over and fully submit then you will love this.

Redheaded Davina Carrington has invited hardbodied blonde, Ava Simone across the Atlantic. She likes nothing more than inviting strong dangerous American fighters to watch them get destroyed. Davina knows of Ava’s skills so she has set her up in a match against the dangerous Kali, both of them drenched in oil, in a Dark & Intense Encounter.

Kali’s pedigree is unrivalled in the Sisterhood of Sin, leaving a who’s who of the roster seduced and destroyed.

Kali is confident that the blonde will fall to her like all the others, Ava believes her combination of power and sensuality will overwhelm the Sisterhood’s reigning Queen.

This one is intense and oozes with slow-burning sexual energy. These two women slip and slide their bodies as they scissor, hand smother, kiss, choke, trib and grind atop each other as they try to dominate and seduce their rival.

Both women have their moments on top but eventually one of these Alphas is subdued as she is smothered, choked and kissed into submission.

As Ava pounces on a defeated Kali with a strong chokehold and kiss, she is ambushed from behind by Davina who sticks her fingers deep into an already highly aroused Ava’s mouth and deeply kisses her. She then places her strong hands over Ava’s mouth smothering her to until she is out.

Kali rouses and sees Ava laying next to her and ounces on her in revenge choking her and planting a delicate kiss on her lips before exiting.

The scene switches and Ava is bound and gagged on the mats as Davina enters. She places her pedicured foot on Ava’s belly and then uses her foot on Ava’s face to rouse her. A groggy blonde comes to and Davina mocks her.

The devious redhead has Ava exactly where she wants her as she collars her and sensually dominates her. The strong blonde is powerless to resist Davina and fully submits to her. Davina kisses her enjoying having such a normally dominant woman in a compromising position. She ties the rope through the collar and leads Ava away, her humiliation and subjection complete.

You will never have seen Ava being dominated like this!

Davina Carrrington wears a white blouse, unbuttoned to reveal a red bra and black leather skirt, in the lesbian domination section she wears a black micro bikini

Kali wears black bra and panties

Ava Simone wears a black strappy bra and leopard print panties, in the introduction she also wears patterned lycra yoga pants

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