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SOS0271 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Davina Carrington & Muna More

On a swelteringly hot day petite blonde, Muna More and redhead milf, Davina Carrington meet on the Sisterhood of Sin mats clad from head to toe in leather.

Before we could even get the cameras rolling these two launched at each other and are immediately locked in a tight catball, the shiny leather accentuating their legs which are completely intertwined. These thieves rivalry has literally boiled over into this supremely hot encounter.

They pull each other's hair as they try to pin the other one into submission as they roll around the SOS mats catfighting. They grasp at each other’s leather jackets and lock hands as they battle in sweaty combat each trying to dominate the other.

As this war rages the combination of heat, the exertion of rolling around the mats and the shiny black leather causes them to sweat as their guttural cries echo around the room in this intense combat.

With both so well matched in thigh scissors, hair pulling and tests of strength, they take a different tack slamming their leather clad pubis bone into the other as they sweat makes a natural lubricant as they now try to make each other cum whilst still battling and rolling around the mats.

It’s an animalistic leather clad tribad sexfight as they both try to destroy their opponent physically and sexually. Their moans and cries become more erotic as they cannot help to be aroused by the friction their struggles are creating.

Their faces are locked together enabling them to feel each other’s hot breath as they reach a mutually satisfying orgasm clad in their sexy shiny black leather attire.

Muna More wears a shiny black leather jacket, trousers, boots and gloves

Davina Carrington wears shiny black leather jacket, trousers and boots

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