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SOS0272 Wild Women - The Club - Denise vs Storm

Two blonde muscled women engage in a test of strength as Storm challenges muscle girl Denise, making her Sisterhood of Sin debut.

From the moment these two powerful amazons lock up in a shoulder and collar tie up you can see the definition of their muscles beautifully accentuated by their skin-tight Leohex leotards. It is clear that the two blonde bombshells are evenly matched as they wrap strong arms around each other and squeeze in tight bearhugs lifting their rival off of their feet as they try to crack each other’s ribs.

Neither is prepared to concede an inch as they lock fingers trying to get the other to her knees and prove her superiority. They use their impressive leg muscles to pin the other against the wall, but still neither can overpower their foe.

Eventually it goes to the mat where they wrap strong arms and muscled legs around each other in a catball, vice like grips causes grimaces and moans of pain as sweat beads on their foreheads from the exertion.

They roll around the mats completely intertwined. Just when it looks like one has succeeded in overpowering the other, hidden reserves of strength are found to fight back.

This is a titanic tussle of muscle by two beautiful and determined women, but on this day neither can claim victory and they must agree to a rematch to settle the score.

Denise wears a white, purple and pink lycra Leohex swimsuit

Storm wears a black shiny spandex Leohex swimsuit

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