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SOS0275 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Zoe Pages & Davina Carrington

Two redhead leather clad thieves are now set to battle at the Sisterhood of Sin, as Zoe Page and Davina Carrington have both accepted the same job.

Zoe is the first to enter an apartment as she begins to search for her prize, but shortly after Davina also appears searching for the same bounty.

Neither woman is too impressed to see her rival and they throw barbed insults at each other both confident that they have what it takes to be the top performer in their organisation. Soon the verbal jousting becomes physical and the two lock up. It is obvious from the off that there is also a spark of attraction.

As they lock-up Davina grinds her leather clad body against Zoe, who tries to resist the combination of power and sexuality which is assaulting her. The leather accentuating their beautiful bodies as they wrap powerful arms around each other in a tight bearhug, bodies interlocked.

They remain in a tight catball as they drop to the sofa and struggle to get on top. They grind and writhe on top of each other tribbing through the leather, the friction of which causes waves of pleasure to emanate through their bodies.

Their struggle is momentarily forgotten as they kiss each other hungrily, tongues probing into their rivals' mouth.

But thieves are not to be trusted and one is betrayed, and now it is the turn of the other to seduce the seductress. They drop to the floor in a tightly embraced catball and dock their pussies through the tight hot leather and begin to trib.

Their moans of passion grow louder as they both grind furiously to make the other cum, one girl climaxes and the victor shortly follows as their prize and reputations momentarily forgotten as they share a deep lingering kiss spent on the carpet in their sexy leather outfits.

Davina Carrington wears a black leather jacket and tight leather trousers and black knee high boots

Zoe Page wears a black leather jackets and tight leather trousers and black leather high heels

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