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SOS0276 Dark and Intense - Ava Austen and Lottie LaLay - Foot Worship

The stunning curvy blonde Ava Austen makes a welcome return to the Sisterhood of Sin as she enters this Dark & Intense to test new SOS superstar Lottie LaLay in the oil.

These two blonde bombshells look sublime as the oil causes their skin to glisten in the darkness as they tangle. They lock hands and it is already obvious that Lottie is turned on by the magnificent physique and stunning good looks of Ava who wastes no time in forcing her fingers into Lottie’s mouth eliciting gasps of pleasure.

As they slip and slide running their hands over each other’s bodies Ava has only one thing on her mind and that is to wrap her lips around Lottie’s oily toes, she licks the soles of Lottie’s feet. They kiss, grinding and writhing in the oil, Lottie sucks Ava’s thumb who responds by taking Lottie’s back, sitting behind her and running her hands all over her body settling on her feet as she rubs the glistening oil into them.

Both blondes enter the sixty-nine position and continue to mouth, lick and suck feet as they worship each other’s oil soaked feet. Their moans of pleasure become louder as these two women become turned on by their oily mutual foot worship.

After a huge foot-licking orgasm, they share an oily embrace after their sensual, dark, oily mutual foot worship shared encounter.

Ava Austen wears black bra and panties

Lottie LaLay wears red bra and panties

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