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SOS0295 Smother and Suffer - Venom takes Ivy Rain

Clad in pantyhose brunette, Ivy Rain faces off against blonde powerhouse, Venom in this Sisterhood of Sin Smother and Suffer encounter.

Ivy is still relatively new to SOS and obviously does not know Venom’s reputation. They lock up and the blonde forces the brunette’s face into her breasts before placing a powerful hand over Ivy’s mouth smothering her and wrapping strong thighs around her midsection preventing the air from reaching her lungs.

Ivy is completely overwhelmed by the powerful Venom who punishes her relentlessly with bodyscissors and hand over mouth smothers, whilst all the brunette can do is flail and slap the mats in desperation.

Venom isn’t done with her new plaything yet and is determined to make the younger brunette suffer. The smothering is relentless as Ivy’s eyes go wide as she can’t breath in the clutches of Venom.

The blonde has complete control and continues to punish her victim who is completely at her mercy, there is no escape from Venom’s pantyhose clad legs and continued smothering.

When the end comes a controlled Ivy is completely enveloped on the SOS mats in Venom’s clutches.

Ivy Rain wears a bra and thong with shiny nude pantyhose

Venom wears red bra and panties with shiny nude pantyhose

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