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SOS0298 Dark and Intense - Mistress Kiana vs Goddess Anastaxia

An encounter of contrasts in the Sisterhood of Sin’s Dark and Intense Series as two dominant women meet in the form of muscular sculpted Mistress Kiana and busty blonde Goddess Anastaxia.

They begin by running their hands over each other’s bodies in a sitting position spreading the oil and feeling their rival’s beautiful body beneath their touch. As they go down to the oil covered tarpaulin the explanation continues as they are intertwined in the oil.

They roll around in the oil seeking to control and seduce the other, it is slow and sensual with sudden quick bursts as they both try to retain the top position. They slither and slide across each other eliciting gasps of pain and pleasure. They can feel each other’s hot breath on each other’s face as Anastaxia strikes first wrapping a hand around Kiana’s throat, but the Mistress is having none of it and she rolls the blonde over pinning her hands down to the oil. Now it is Kiana’s turn to place a hand around Anastaxia’s throat.

They continue to roll and catball around the mats jockeying to be the dominant one, incredibly evenly matched. Kiana begins to place a hand over Anastaxia’s mouth making it hard for her breath and weakening the blonde Goddess.

This proves to be decisive as the powerful mistress simultaneously handsmothers and chokes Anastaxia causing her moans of pleasure to become moans of panic as she struggles for air, kicking her legs, but Kiana’s grip is strong and in this battle of dominant women she is determined to be the top.

Goddess Anastaxia wears black bra and thong

Mistress Kiana wears CK black bra and thong

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