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SOS0299 Smother and Suffer - Ivy Satinee vs Davina Carrington

In the darkened Sisterhood of Sin bedroom, curvy Italian Ivy Satinee and redhead Brit Davina Carrington are on the bed embracing each other and running their hands along each other’s curvy figures. They can feel each other’s hot breath on each other’s faces as they writhe and grind on top of each other.

They trib catballed together with their lycra swimsuits accentuating the curves of their bodies as they each arouse each other. Davina places a hand over Ivy’s mouth and licks her face, but when she tries to hand smother Davina she is prevented so places a hand over her throat as the tribbing continues.

They grind quicker, their breathing becomes louder and more frequent as they kiss, as their soft tribbing descends into a sweaty smothering SOS sexfight. They are completely entangled as hands are over mouths for longer and longer as they try to smother the other whilst grinding their pussies together. These two powerful strong women are evenly matched and both are in trouble from their breath being restricted from hand smothers and prolonged deep kissing.

The consistent trib coupled with the kissing and erotic smothering takes a toll as they both creep towards climax, it reaches an inevitable conclusion when one woman can take no more as her eyes roll from a thundering orgasm and simultaneous prolong hand over mouth smother.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra thong swmisuit

Ivy Satinee wears a red lycra thong swimsuit

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