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SOS0305 Wild Women - Unleashed - Zoe Pages & Davina Carrington

Two redheads face off at the Sisterhood of Sin as Davina Carrington and Zoe Page get oily in this SOS Wild Women Unleashed sexy encounter.

They begin on their knees on the oily tarpaulin and exchange a gentle kiss, and Davina easily overpowers Zoe and takes her down. Zoe chokes Davina who responds but putting her fingers into Zoe’s mouth. The pale redhead then wraps her legs around Davina’s waist and traps her in a body scissors, but Davina easily pushes forward so that they are crotch to crotch and face to face.

Zoe is in trouble as Davina flips her onto her back and pulls her hair back and positions her into a surfboard and then slams her pubis into Zoe’s. Davina nibbles Zoe’s ear and licks her neck, slaps her ass and grinds on top of her.

Zoe tries to fight back against Davina and they lock into a catball, writhing and sliding on top of each other in the oil. They start to moan, they pull each other’s hair and lock eyes.

The tribbing intensifies and Zoe reaches climax, but Davina isn’t finished as she puts her fingers into Zoe’s mouth and continues the grind until the camera fades.

Davina Carrington wears a black CK sports bra and panties

Zoe Page wears a white CK sports bra and panties.

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