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SOS0306 Wild Women - Dance Rivals - Laken Fire vs Amber Phoenix Foxx

The stunning Laken Fire makes a welcome return to the Sisterhood of Sin as she faces off against SOS new girl, hard bodied beauty Amber Phoenix in this Wild Women encounter.

These two dancers look amazing in their lycra outfits which accentuates their sexy toned physiques. They warm up by going through their exercises and stretching out showing off their beautiful bodies. The rivalry amongst dancers is legendary and as they continue to warm up they begin to argue about taking each other’s space during the warm-up.

After a while the bickering escalates to physical contact as they lock hands in a test of strength.When neither makes progress Laken steps behind Amber and locks her into a reverse bearhug. It's now the powerful muscle girl Amber who traps Laken in a reverse bearhug, squeezing her and making the brunette grimace in pain.

After more bearhugs and neither able to secure advantage they take it down to the mats and bring their powerful dancing strengthened legs into play using grapevines, scissorholds, and thigh scissors to try to overpower their rival. They are completely entangled as they struggle to come out on top.

Eventually one sexy dancer traps her rival in a prolonged facesit which cuts off her air and saps her strength, she has no choice but to tap as her gloating rival splits next to her and celebrates her victory.

Amber Phoenix wears a black lycra thong swimsuit with stirrup shiny tights and black leg warmers

Laken Fire wears a tie dye lycra thong swimsuit stirrup shiny tights and black leg warmers

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