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SOS0308 Wild Women - Unleashed - Bianca Blanche vs Lottie LaLay

Beautiful blonde Sisterhood of Sin, newcomer Lottie LaLay never shies away from a challenge, but on paper an encounter with SOS Italian superstar, Bianca Blance may be a reach too far.

They meet on the oily Sisterhood mats in this Wild Women Unleashed encounter. Bianca likes nothing more than dominating and destroying both men and women. Looking at Lottie she must have felt that it was going to be an easy day at the office.

Nothing could be further than the truth as in a shock to all, it was Bianca who was in trouble as Lottie pinned her to the mats and trapped Bianca in a grapevine hold, spreading the Italian’s toned legs wide.

The oil proved a great equalizer allowing Lottie to really take it to the more experienced and undoubtedly stronger Bianca. Lottie having taken notes from her previous Sisterhood experiences hand smothers and scissors Bianca.

But Bianca is not going to be humiliated by this pretty British newcomer. They fight and wrestle in the oil as more grapevines and scissorholds are used. The friction from the close body to body contact arouses both ladies. Bianca slams her public bone into Lottie in a ferocious trib and goes down on her through her oil slicked thong causing Lottie to moan in pleasure.

The Italian then sits on Lottie’s face to receive some pleasure of her own. This is a hot sexy and surprisingly competitive encounter between the experienced Bianca and the sexy newcomer, Lottie.

Bianca Blance wears a red thong bikini

Lottie LaLay wears a black thong bikini

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