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SOS0311 Wild Women - The Hitwoman - SheelaKiller vs Zoe Page

In this specially produced Sisterhood of Sin custom video SOS regular petite blonde SheelaKiller plays a Hitwoman who has been sent to destroy her target played by redhead Zoe Page.

Sheela ambushes Zoe in her office and a struggle ensues. They are locked in a catball rolling around the office floor as they struggle for survival, choking each other and rolling around the dirty floor as they pull hair to try and gain the advantage.

The redhead Zoe escapes after delivering wicked gut punches to Sheela and flees to an adjoining room frantically searching but Sheela follows her and tackles her to the sofa. Once again they are locked in a catball, choking and pulling hair. They tumble to the floor still locked tightly in a catball. They remove each other’s outfits until they are down to their bra and panties.

They continue to fight, but now interspersed with the feral combat are more erotic attacks as they hate fuck trib each other trying to destory their attacker. Even though they are aroused by the sexual grind they still pul each other’s hair and choke each other.

But who will this primal combat and take the prize, the Hitwoman Sheela or her resisting victim Zoe?

SheelaKiller wears a black long sleeve t shirt, black leather trousers and black leather boots before being stripped down to red bra and panties

Zoe Page wears a long white lab coat, gray dress, black belt and black heels before being stripped down to blue bra and panties.

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