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SOS0315 Dark and Intense - Ava Simone vs Sheela Killer

Blondes, SheelaKiller and Ava Simone feature in this primally erotic Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense encounter. They begin clothed in blouses, skirts and high heels as they catball on the SOS dark and oily tarp.

Initially it is petite Sheela who is on top of the sultry seductress Ava Simone, wrapping her hands around the buff blonde’s throat as they tangle. But Ava is an absolute mistress of Dark and Intense and flips Sheela over and removes her white blouse exposing her bra. With a hand on the nape of her neck, next Ava pulls down Sheela’s skirt exposing her black thong. Sheela reciprocates and strips Ava down to her bra and panties.

As the two roll all tangled around the oily tarp, Ava’s choking Sheela takes effect draining the energy from the smaller blonde. They kiss and begin to trib grinding against each other. Ava’s mouth greedily explores Sheela’s body as she kisses and licks her way on a journey of erotic exploration.

Ava has Sheela so turned on and aroused that there is little the smaller blonde can do as Ava sensually devours her until she can take no more.

Ava Simone wears a black blouse, leopard print skirt and red high heels before stripping down to matching leopard print bra and panties

SheelaKiller wears a white blouse and black skirt before stripping down to black bra and thong

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