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SOS0316 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia takes Zoe Page

Blonde and redhead collide now in this Sisterhood of Sin Smother and Suffer encounter, as SOS veteran blonde, Goddess Anastaxia takes on redhead Zoe Page.

Goddess Anastaxia is a legit badass domme and wrestler, and is looking forward to getting her hands on Ms Page. Anastaxia grabs Zoe’s hair and takes her easily down to the mats trapping her in a grapevine spreading her wide. She pins her hands above her head and puts her hand over her mouth smothering Zoe, sapping the fight from her. Zoe tries to fight back, wrapping her arms around Anastaxia, but the blonde is too strong and smothers her again.

Anastaxia’s grip is too strong for Zoe who frantically struggles unsuccessfully to escape. Anastaxia uses her wrestling experience to continually trap Zoe and allow her unfettered access to smother the redhead.

Zoe’s face reddens from the continual smothering as she is scissored, camel clutched and trapped by the stronger and more dominant blonde.

The redhead’s face nearly matches her disheveled hair colour as she is systematically destroyed by a gloating and powerful Anastaxia.

Eventually Anastaxia grows bored of her plaything and after a prolonged two handed smother, Zoe is spent and sprawled out on the SOS mats.

Goddess Anastaxia wears red and black matching bra and thong with black pantyhose

Zoe Page wears a sky blue matching bra and thong and shiny pantyhose

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