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SOS0318 Wild Women - The Club - Miss Emily vs Davina Carrington

Buff blonde powerhouse, Miss Emily’s man is a huge fan of Sisterhood of Sin legend, Davina Carrington’s videos. He believes that Miss Emily has the strength to overpower the SOS regular, so Davina suggests that Miss Emily take off her t-shirt and leggings and get ready to tangle.

It’s not often that Davina tests her strength and thick thighs against an opponent who is stronger and with thicker thighs, but Miss Emily is shorter but well built and wants to prove to her man that she is the better woman.

These two amazons lock hands in a test of strength using their muscled biceps and thighs to try and overpower their opponent, when that isn’t decisive they wrap powerful arms and squeeze each other in rib cracking bearhugs, eliciting cries of pain as they feel each other’s ribs being crushed beyond breaking point.

They take it down to the mats and engage in a mutual headscissoring competition, those thick thighs wrapped tightly around their opponent trying to squeeze their opponent’s head like a melon.

They lock up in a tight catball, thigh squeezing thigh as they use their powerful upper bodies to try and control each other. Miss Emily manages to separate Davina’s legs and spreads her wide in a grapevine, but the wiley redheaded veteran wraps her arms and bearhugs Emily and uses her own momentum against her and now it is the shorter Emily’s turn to be spread wide.

They remain catballed together and Davina moans softly as she grinds against Miss Emily’s muscled huge thigh but they are too evenly matched and they agree to meet again to match power once more.

Davina Carrington wears a white CK Bra and Thong

Miss Emily wears a pink t-shirt and leggings before stripping off to a pink and white sports bra and thong

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