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SOS0319 Smother and Suffer - Lara vs SheelaKiller

Italian Lara has the most intense gaze of the Sisterhood of Sin roster, and is a dangerous opponent as SOS regular SheelaKiller finds out in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

The sultry raven haired Italian wastes little time pushing the blonde British girl to the wall and placing a hand over her mouth before twisting her down to the mats and continuing the smothering punishment.

Sheela tries to resist but Lara is relentless and her grip to strong, and the blonde gasps for breath desperately trying to resist. The Italian likes to dominate and traps Sheela in a camel clutch and whilst she has the British girl trapped in the hold continues to hand smother poor Sheelah.

Now long and strong legs are wrapped around Sheela’s waist without relinquishing the hand over mouth smother. It is obvious that Sheela is doomed at the hands of the Italian.

Long time Sisterhood of Sin aficionados know that Sheela has a never give up attitude and she tries to trap the Italian in a hand smother of her own, but Lara powers out.

Sheela tries her best to fight back, but the Italian is on a mission of destruction as she not only repeatedly smothers but also does so whilst punishing Sheela in a wide variety of wrestling holds including a backbreaker and more camel clutches.

The coup de grace comes via an over the shoulder backbreaker and simultaneous smother, Sheela can take no more and mercifully the punishment is over.

Lara wears a black bra and thong

SheelaKiller wears a black bra and thong

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