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SOS0321 Smother and Suffer - Bianca Blanche vs Amber Phoenix Foxx

Muscle Girl, Amber Phoenix Foxxx is a newcomer to the Sisterhood of Sin and in this her first Smother and Suffer match she must have fancied her chances against lithe toned Italian, Bianca Blance.

The new girl obviously didn’t do her homework as Bianca is a fiery and dominant competitor who doesn’t care how many muscles you have.

After the initial staredown, Bianca wastes little time pushing the SOS new girl up against the wall and smothering her with a double handed smother over Amber’s mouth causing her to moan. But Amber isn’t here to make up the numbers and powers out.

But Bianca is a veteran of smother matches and smothers the muscle girl again, sapping the strength from those muscles. But Amber isn’t here to make up the numbers and gets Bianca trapped in smothers of her own. Bianca sensing that smothering this strong newcomer isn’t going to be enough resorts to using her vastly superior wrestling skills.

She traps Amber in wrestling holds such as headscissors and camel clutches combining them with hand over mouth smothers. But this strong new girl keeps coming back for more and is a quick learner returning the favor by trapping Bianca between her long legs and smothering the Italian giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Bianca becomes frustrated at the grit of Amber, who keeps fighting back until a prolonged camel clutch wrenching back on her spine, whilst smothering her finally puts the spunky muscle girl down for good.

Amber Phoenix Foxx wears a yellow lycra swimsuit

Bianca Blance wears a blue lycra swimsuit

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