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SOS0323 Smother and Suffer - Ava Simone vs Goddess Anastaxia

Two dominant, busty blondes clash as SOS veterans, Ava Simone and Goddess Anastaxia meet on the Sisterhood of Sin mats in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

These two wiley combatants circle each other poised to react and its Anastaxia who makes the first move and finds herself reversed and beneath the American. Ava is renowned for being a seducer of women and she smells Anastaxia’s neck before placing a hand over her mouth restricting her oxygen.

The powerful British Domme escapes and traps Ava in a bodyscissors and now it is the American whose breathing is restricted by a handsmother. She escapes and plants a pantyhose clad ass on Anastaxia’s face before trapping her in a bodyscissors between her muscled legs.

Anastaxia distracts Ava with her chest and obtains top position and smothers the American. Neither one of these proud dominant women wish to lose as they catball on the mats their pantyhose clad legs entangled as they try to restrict the other’s breathing and tire them out so they can deliver the coup de grace.

The battle rages across the mats, and both women have opportunities to win or to lose. The margin between them is so slim the result hangs on a knife edge. Eventually one proud competitor finds herself trapped from behind in a combination bodyscissor, rear naked choke and handsmother as she slips to an uncharacteristic defeat at the hands of her skilled opponent.

Ava Simone wears a red bra and panties with black shiny pantyhose

Goddess Anastaxia wears black bra and panties with shiny pantyhose

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