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SOS0328 Smother and Suffer - Zoe Page vs Belle O'Hara

Redhead Zoe Page welcomes Sisterhood of Sin debutante Belle O’Hara to the SOS mats in this Smother and Suffer encounter. Both women are clad in sexy lingerie, and Zoe is confident that she will teach this upstart how it works at the Sisterhood of Sin.

They circle each other, sizing the other up, when Zoe tries to strike first with a standing hand over mouth smother, but Belle drags her down to the mats and applies a deep hand over mouth smother of her own catching Zoe by surprise.

But Zoe is the more experienced fighter and grapevines Belle whilst simultaneously applying a hand over mouth smother, making the newbie struggle for breath.

The two sexy combatants catball and roll over the mats as they try to apply hand smothers to make their opponent Smother and Suffer.

Zoe is keen to show her dominance but Belle isn’t going to make it easy for her and gets in some smothers of her own, but Zoe’s experience comes into play and she is able to escape and repeatedly trap Belle again and obtain top position.

But Belle is a fast learner and tries to fight back. These two sexy ladies are in a real war, but eventually Zoe’s experience and hard lessons learnt enable her to apply a hand over mouth smother and trib Belle to orgasm then applies it again to achieve a climax of her own.

These two sexy women kiss and hug as the camera fades.

Belle O’Hara wears a black see through bra and thong

Zoe Page wears a purple bra and panties

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